Photography by Brenda Lange, Philadelphia area writer, editor and photographer.


Somewhere along the road, over 25 years of freelance writing, I recognized that my photography hobby allowed me to compose and publish powerful photographs along with my written work.

Today, I travel (around the world and around my neighborhood) taking photos of whatever strikes me. I’ve made friends, won awards and created lasting images that move and inspire.

Thanks for joining me on my journey.

Brenda Lange, photographing in and around San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Feb. 2010
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico • February, 2010


Ah, people. A source of endless fascination. So many faces, so little time.


Occasionally, while out with my camera, I witness animals doing their thing, and so I do mine.


As fascinating as people and buildings can be, they can never outdo nature in terms of sheer beauty and impressiveness. It often finds its way into my viewfinder.


I’m drawn to manmade elements and especially love the juxtaposition of these structures with the natural world around them.


Oh, the places I’ve gone! Each one fascinates—bright, dark, wild, tame, colorful, inspiring, joyful—I capture them all in my unique way, with an eye toward helping viewers connect with their stories.


Those objects with which we surround ourselves. With which we work, play, live. Items that astound and motivate us. I portray each in its own, special context.


Water—especially the ocean—is a constant source of interest for me. I never tire of its power and beauty, and the way it bends and plays with light.